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tv   [untitled]    April 13, 2015 9:00pm-9:31pm PDT

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to the changes to take a look at the courts ruling and enhance our standing with the appeal before 9th circuit. >> thank you very much let's take public comment is there any public comment on item 4 if so come up two minutes to speak seeing none, public is closed is there a motion on this item supervisor campos. >> madam chair i'd like to if the committee can make a motion to amend along the lines i've outlined and once amended to move it forward. >> commissioner lee has something to say. >> i'll move the amendment. >> okay. all right. so motion has been made by supervisor campos and seconded by supervisor wiener. >> i'll make the motion supervisor campos is not a
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member of the committee. >> supervisor campos is not a member of the committee so supervisor wiener makes a motion and supervisor kim seconded that motion this amendment excuse me. pass unanimously thank you very much thank you supervisor campos for joining us. >> and madam chair if you can move open the amendment item to move it forward if you could approve. >> motion made to move forward with a recommendation from supervisor kim and seconded by supervisor wiener. >> this motion passes thank you madam clerk, any other business before this committee? >> madam chair no further business. >> thank you very much this committee is closed
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test. >> good afternoon, everyone wow. first of all thank you,
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everybody friends, family appointees to our boards and commissions it is my pleasure to join all of you and issue the oath of office but a celebration of more people that share responsibility thank you to our supervisors here supervisor breed formerly supervisor and new carmen chu jane kim thank you very much for being here our city administrator thank you for being here and commission thank you and tom hugh and mr. puc guy >> thank you all of you for being here today let me say at the outset we're giving the oath of office for 32 people 118 bodies and commissions that help me deal with the policy
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challenges but more and more most importantly and the most important thing the commission and advisory bodies do we reach out to people and engage them and bring that diversity of opinion and culture into the way we around government and this is what the exciting to me and let me tell you i'm excited today because the 18 different commissioners and advisors bodies are very important to me let's look at who ear appointing people to when we look at our diverse city i have to say and it is not because it begins an organization but art it is important to our city on a local and international level so the arts commissions e commission deals with our diversity and culture and on the eave of the
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completion of novm the beginning of the maeks the reestablishment of moob and the museums we traditionally have and now a really big opening of community arts that is revienlts has been the reason why we've been able to revitalize market street in the tenderloin lead by the arts and the asian arts my name is a big part of that not only because their across the street today but i i think so you have an indulging exhibition it is a sud dusk infection i don't want to talk about that too much but our building inspection commission will be appointed to you don't think them we have
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serious fires in the city in the past two months over one hundred units of affordable housing we've got to make sure that everybody lives safely in our city and we don't lose housing, in fact, we need to net new build housing in the city to the building inspection commission will make sure that happens commission on the status of women and equal pay of advisors board are important nor many, many reasons many of you know you'll be co-sponsors with libby shaft on women's economic empowerment this october we'll bring together all of you and anyone that is have read or interested in making sure that women have no gooblz to economic opportunity and less barriers and those two commissioners will do that i'm excited about the individuals appointed there it
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is a lot of great talent and high commitment brought to the bodies with respect to equal pay that's a fairly new board they're going to be 4r50k9sd the actual data so we understand what the economic gaps are between men and women in our city and what we need to do that about it and, of course the status of women take that data address revolve it through policy oriented discussions and ultimately legislation we need to consider our historic preservation commission and hiv council wow. what they've done to make improvements with the ac a, with 5 hospitals being built with health care being the number one impact driver in this city their incredibly important and wanted to say to you a big that's
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correct to the health commission they're there day to day to help us with issues of mental health and all kinds of health problems in the community the hiv health services planning council i'm very proud of them we're joining as angle inspire industry to make sure we get to zero infections in the city we are about to launch the opening of the wednesday center in the castro this is successful such a great state of the art to help us going get to zero in a short amount of time this year is a one hundred year celebration of our world fair it, of course, allows us to think back a hundred years ago the innovators in our city i mentioned that in a context of
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this historic preservation commission as part of they're great work to understand and make sure that our city's history is connected to us this building is part of that history but so many other buildings give us that link to the history so it shouldn't intries you one hundred years ago people were doing it and how we're doing it today is understood that by our kids that's what the historic preempt will do i told you earlier we're on the ground with making sure we end as much poverty and misery for people as possible we're challenging ourselves by oifsz the 5 hundred most impoverished families in the city and giving them the most intense support to end intergenerational poverty
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for them i can't do that without the wisdom and guidance of our human services commission and bay the appointee to this commission today george is now going to begin pious o his 40th year on the commission thank you, george for a lifetime worth ever work (clapping.) you know my passion important local business when we appoint local business enterprise committee we're making more local businesses to be start and successful to engage in this strong economy we have because for me, the local businesses is really what it is all about and yes we want to grow local businesses to international businesses as well long term care for the couldn't a vital to our ability to
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delivery services to people that are challenged in the city we need a functioning body to give us the populated considerations whether it's more nutrition and food or more sports for the staffing or the people of the industry that is helping us do long-term care retirement board r rent board wow. what a commission but the careful ability to balance between landlord and tenants very, very important to the city it is a sensitive position one we trust of those we appointed to make the right decisions sf that hopefully in most cases is a win-win we can't have strife within landlord and tenants more harmony in the city there is a housing crisis we are doing something about that we are making sure we were the good
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k345e78gsz going on our conservatism core they're being called up because we video a drought and a lot of open spaces to rehab and change to make sure their drought tolerant work is being done on the open spaces and we also need a conservatism core to help us do that our mta advisory committee we invested greatly last year and will continue to do that because the voters said, yes it's important to pass a $500 million bond for a transportation system a great museum is for pedestrian safety the sizing had will help the priorities that vision zero and all the others have as part of our great transportation and walking and bicycle riding city southeast community facilities commission they transition going
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on in the southeast part of our city i want to make sure the people that little there for generations are directly involved in the future development of that area that's what the southeast sector will do they themselves and their facilities are going on changes we need good leadership to make sure the community is directly involved in that that conversation wow. urban forestry council meeting we need to have admonish trees and we need to make sure that is clear who is responsible for them because those trees are commonplace and part of our investment we need to do better as a city we need a you have been talking about council to guide us in the potentially conflicting things we all care about we care when our common place trees your workforce
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investment in important nowadays people need to sustain for the future we don't want people victimized by the economy and the workforce is required their looking at around the corner and understanding the emerging industries making sure we have a workforce that is ready for the industry and finally the most unknown body today is called an oversight board it is kind of like a whistle blower investigator it is a body where former redevelopment agencies are own e organizing to make sure we get it right we're not violating our tax
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obligations or financial obligations to the public i'm sure that is sun shining something that carmen is interested in; right? carmen see i'm going to catch them all anyway, i went over bayshore's these because their incredibly important to the function of our city i again want to say too all he each of the appointees today thank you for your commitment and volunteering rhythm and the love of our city and with that i'd like to ask all off appointees to please stand up and raise your right hand as i say i, i would like each think one of you to say loudly this is the only time you can yell added me after you get sworn in people
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will yell at you and sigh loudly to the commission you're being appointed and we'll precede with the rest of the oath are you ready? i >> (repeated.) very good thank you loudly thank you
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>> i. >> do solemnly swear. >> ( repeated.) >> that i will support and defend. >> (repeated.) >> the constitution of the united states. >> (repeated.)
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>> and the constitution of the state of california. >> (repeated.) >> against all enemies. >> (repeated.) >> foreign and domestic. >> (repeated.) >> and that i will bear true faith and allegiance. >> (repeated.) >> to the constitution of the united states. >> (repeated.) >> and to the constitution of the state of california. >> (repeated.) >> that i take this obligation freely. >> (repeated.) >> without any mental reservation. >> (repeated.) >> or purpose of evasion. >> (repeated.) >> that i will well and faithfully discharge the duties. >> (repeated.) >> and during such time as i hold office. of. >> (repeated.) >> for the city and county of san francisco thank you very much congratulations everyone thank you (clapping)
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thank you all right.. >> thank you good afternoon welcome to the meeting of our san francisco government audit & oversight committee and for thursday, april 9, 2015, i'm supervisor yee the chair of the committee and i'm joined here by to my right supervisor
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breed and supervisor christensen is on her way the clerk is clerk erica major and the committee would like to acknowledge the staff at sfgovtv jennifer lowe and jessie larson who record each of the melting and make the transcripts available to the public on line madam clerk, any announcements? >> yes. electronic devices. completed speaker cards and documents to be included should be submitted to the clerk. items acted upon today will appear on the april 21st, 2015, board of supervisors agenda unless otherwise stated. >> thank you so i requested this hearing because over the loose few months. >> mr. chair would you like me to call item number one. >> i can't hear you. >> would you like me to call item number one. >> sorry i thought i did that
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item anniversary. >> on the property crime and the police department to report. >> okay get started again, i requested this hearing over the last few months i've received numerous e-mails and calls raising concerns of car break-ins and this is citywide in fact the four or five homeowners meetings in the last few weeks they were the focus of this issue i wanted to bring the self-employed and the district attorney's office to address the community concerns and work on effective solutions i believe that the court be part of solution and work together to
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make the neighborhoods safer so at the time get started call up chief suhr who will give the first presentation. >> good afternoon mr. supervisors and other supervisors and public we have a power point i'm going to give a qualification to the final number because we're trying to put it together from this morning we're going to speak a little bit a little bit burglary and other thefts both commercial and remain and arson and we'll speak of a couple i have the legislation changes that have also taken place it is not as easily explained other than theres changes we will get a hold on working with the district attorney's office to figure out but i'll explain that as we go
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the first slide is on auto burglaries there's been a 14 percent in auto burglaries tb 2013 to 2014 we haven't been able to the statistics this next slide for the first quarter of 2015 so in 2011 assembly bill one 09 a jail overcrowding so the state of california gets under a certain jail population that was decided all the low level offenders will get out many are property crimes and many had multiple convictions in san francisco around 6 hundred it self-mean all those folks were not going to grouting get out but all got
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out at the same time it changed our patrol system statewide a lot of the numbers are not specific to san francisco but across the state of california there's been an increase in property crime since the in violation of ab one 0910 thousand 3 hundred auto burglaries in 2011 that went up to 12 thousand in 12 and 17 thousand in notifying and nearly 20 thousand in 2015 in the first quarter of 2015 the first two months we don't have the march numbers p a 49 percent many auto burglaries in the first, few months of 2015. >> the next slide is going to speak of vehicle theft which is
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also up again, it jumps from 4 thousand 1 hundred plus in 2011 to 43 hundred plus in 2012, nearly 59 hundred in 2013 and 6 thousand in 2014 the number of vehicle theft by four percent is modest a big jump if 2010 and in the first, few months of 2015 an 18 percent increase in vehicle theft we say a property crime situation here in san francisco. >> thefts which do not include automobile burglary in each year from 11 it bumps up and again up in 2014 a little qualifier proposition 47 kicked in
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immediately in november of 2014 so a lot of felon offenses that might have been added to the 14 thousands are not counted as felons because their miscellaneous so prior to 2014 petty thousandth the rest i submit e theft changed and a lot of the like a person going in with contains that might intent to shoplifting they entered with the intent to shoplift is now a petty theft under $900 those are changes that were voted inform this is the new landscape that is not including u including auto burglary through the first few months of the year are up 6
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percent and then if you look at residential commercial and residential again, it might seem like an euanonymously it is down seven hundred but all the retail thefts methods only for the last month of 2014 and that's the case as well here on the next slide when that speaks to the first few months where we were in the first, few months of 2014 was prop 47 so a lot of the felons from last year are misdemeanors there's is a felon
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misdemeanor category this is the auto theft and total property crimes once the and again, this is a 125id thing not just going on in san francisco all of california is working on this concern and 2011 ab one 09 up in property crime it is about flat between 13 and 14 but in the last few months of 2015 a lot of felons were reclassified as miss dorms and the total property crime is up 22 percent as you can see over 8 thousand property crimes in the first, few months
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as far as the arrests as you can see in 2010 that was the last time the police department was at full staffing in 20092010 the arrests go down with the numbers in staff per officer as are the same the last slide i was talk to my folks here we believe that that is an anomaly that is a impurity area it all of a sudden became a 5 thousand but i apologize for that 2014 status is probably more consistent with around 2 thousand arrests which again we're down 15 percent in officers that is about what the reduction is over 2011 so honestly the officers are doing what we can per officer as we
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get the 3 hundred officers back that kwldz about 60 thousand more shifts worked so the presence of officers along the commercial corridors and we've spoken about the dedicated details but the primary focus has been awhile we'll had this reduction in force is effecting crime so this changes the landscaper we will catch up with crime. >> you mentioned the arrests rate i guess per officer is around what. >> about the same so you look at 201125 hundred that would have been full staffed at 2 thousand officers now